boilersBoilers are designed for a maximum Delta T, and damage should not occur during heat up or cool down, provided it is not exceeded.

3 Ways to Prevent Boiler Failure

Once you've learned the conditions that can wreck your boilers, understand these tips to prevent failure.

By Roy Collver  
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Procedure #1 is careful system engineering to ensure a boiler properly fits an application, and the system design parameters are consistent with the requirements of the boiler manufacturer. This is expected during new system design, but complete system reviews are advisable in any retrofit situation to ensure compatibility with a proposed replacement boiler.

Procedure #2 is a thorough start-up and commissioning process to ensure the system is operating according to specifications, and the boiler performance is consistent with those specifications and the requirements of the boiler manufacturer. A detailed sequence of operation should be prepared and reviewed to evaluate how the boiler will be affected by proposed operating conditions. During boiler and system start-up, the correct operation of every mechanical and control component, including safety devices, must be tested and confirmed. 

Procedure #3 requires all test results to be documented as a baseline for future reference, and ongoing maintenance requirements and schedules to be set up. It is crucial to produce detailed operation and maintenance manuals to be utilized in the training of maintenance staff, and for future reference. Methods of ensuring compliance with operation and maintenance plans should be established. 

Roy Collver has more than 40 years of experience in the HVAC industry. He specializes in hydronics, with a tight focus on boiler technology, controls, and gas combustion. In addition to writing and training about HVAC-related subjects, he works in construction administration for mechanical engineering firms.

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4 Ways to Wreck Your Boiler

3 Ways to Prevent Boiler Failure

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