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Facility Maintenance Decisions
Online Exclusive Column PAGE Safety Relief Valves: Avoiding Horror Stories Taking Inventory of Safety Relief Valves Observing and Correcting Relief Valve Piping Issues Schedule Regular Safety Relief Valve Inspections

Safety Relief Valves: Avoiding Horror Stories

By Vince Basilio, P.E. HVAC   Article Use Policy

As an engineer, I'm always fascinated when the scariest horror movie scenes take place in a mechanical room or a boiler plant. While all of the other viewers are petrified, I'm locked in, even rewinding it just to get a good look at the equipment.

Maintenance and engineering managers know mechanical rooms in institutional and commercial facilities are not scary at all and that, in fact, they are essential to facility operations and the organization's mission. The equipment produces and circulates heated or cooled air, and it pumps and distributes the necessary gases and fluids to where facilities need them.

For the benefit of facility operations and occupants and the general public, it is paramount that managers implement proper safety procedures and that front-line technicians comply with them at all times. Among the essential components in the safe, and efficient operation of HVAC systems are safety relief valves.

posted on 5/28/2014