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Facility Maintenance Decisions
Boilers and Water Heaters: Technician Training PAGE Boilers and Water Heaters: Proper Training Can Save Money Boilers and Water Heaters: A How-To Training Guide Manufacturers, Community Colleges Offer Boiler Operator Training Training Programs Must Account for New Boiler, Water Heater Technology PRODUCT FOCUS: Boilers and Water Heaters

Boilers and Water Heaters: Proper Training Can Save Money

By Michael Mooney HVAC   Article Use Policy

Ensuring the efficient operation of boilers and water heaters goes beyond basic maintenance. Maintenance and engineering managers also need to staff operation and maintenance programs with technicians who possess the right combination of technical — which can include the hands-on application of methods and procedures to analytical problem-solving expertise — and managerial skills.

Management Focus

To be effective, managers must organize, staff, train, plan, and control the operation and maintenance of a facility with the cooperation of all departments and top management. Among any manager's most important responsibilities is overseeing operation and maintenance budgets and protecting life-cycle objectives. Essential in this effort is implementing a training program.

Training should serve the needs of both the facility and boiler operators. Facility needs are generally broad, but it is always important for managers to minimize the life-cycle costs related to boiler operations.

Success in minimizing these costs often relates directly to the level of dedication, training and commitment among operators. In turn, the operators' success largely depends on clearly defined goals and objectives, management support, training, and frequent two-way communications related to condition monitoring.

posted on 12/18/2009