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New Parkland Hospital Wins Distinguished Greenscape Project of the Year

The new Parkland Memorial Hospital campus and landscaping have been honoredas the Distinguished Greenscape Project of the Year by the North Texas Recycling Awards.

Parkland_GreenscapeThe awards, presented by STAR North Texas and the North Texas Corporate Recycling Association, honor efforts of North Texas businesses, governments and individuals for outstanding contributions and forward thinking that impacts meaningful waste reduction.

The landscaping throughout the campus was designed to reduce water usage by approximately 60 percent over a typical landscape of the same size. One hundred percent of the plants are native or adaptive species, while the irrigation system uses rain sensors, a weather station, drip irrigation and very few spray heads and/or rotors to reduce water usage.

The plants were chosen to minimize the need to prune or clip, allowing them to grow naturally, which reduces plant waste.

Parkland estimates it will save 17 million gallons of water per year compared to what it would have used in a typical landscaping of the same size.

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