Kansas College Hospitals to Allow Guns on Campus

  March 21, 2016

When new healthcare laundry equipment was installed at Van Andel Institute medical research facility, installers had to strip, shower and change into scrubs, shoes and hair nets provided to do the work, according to a post on the Healthcare Facilities Today website.

Employees were also required to disinfect the installation tools by exposing them to chlorine gas overnight.

Passing necessary items into the room required the tools to go through a pass-through portal, which again exposed them to the chlorine gas.

But showering and disinfecting tools wasn’t the biggest challenge during the installation, according to the equipment manufacturer. If an employee needed to leave the clean-room laundry, he would have to go through the cleansing process all over, according to an article on the American Laundry News website. 

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This Quick Read was submitted by Cathryn Jakicic, Healthcare Industries Editor, Facilities.net



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