Bugs and Dust: Surgery Centers Cited for Problems

  May 21, 2018

By Cathryn Jakicic

Dust and dead insects topped the list of citations among ambulatory surgery centers (ASC), according to Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program's 2018 Quality Review.

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The top ASC citations, according to an article on the Becker's ASC Review website, include:

• Dust and dead insects present on gas valves
• Procedure table frames with large areas of rust
• Hand hygiene practices not inconsistent with ASC policy

ASCs were most frequently cited for deficiencies in patient care and safety and the environment during 2017 surveys.

This Quick Read was submitted by Cathryn Jakicic, Healthcare Industries Editor, FacilitiesNet. For more about hospital campuses and other medical facilities, visit https://www.facilitiesnet.com/healthcarefacilities.


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