Australian Hospital is Aiming to be Most Energy Efficient

  June 16, 2017

By Cathryn Jakicic

South Australia is trying to cut its energy usage and carbon footprint through the introduction of cutting-edge energy efficiency measures in the new Royal Adelaide hospital, according to an article on The Guardian website.

The state hopes its investment in new energy initiatives will yield a 50 percent reduction in greenhouse emissions and an even greater cut in demand on the energy grid compared with the hospital Royal Adelaide is replacing.

To track and control energy usage, the facility is using internet of things (IoT) devices including temperature sensors, power meters, circuit breaker panels, uninterruptible power supply devices, building automation controllers and real-time location system devices.

Royal Adelaide also incorporates design features that allow natural sunlight to permeate throughout the building, offering the dual benefit of cutting back on winter heating costs as well as offering proven health benefits for patients over artificial lighting.

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