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‘Recharge Rooms’ Give NYC Healthcare Workers Space to Rest, Relax

  May 7, 2020

By Greg Zimmerman

Facilities play a crucial role in the health and wellbeing not only of each occupant, but also of the organization as a whole. The coronavirus pandemic has made this more apparent than ever before, especially when it comes to healthcare facilities. So how can facilities support frontline healthcare workers to ensure they’re ready, able, and willing to continue fighting this war on the virus? 

Here’s one solution being implemented now: New York City hospitals are creating new Recharge Rooms, betting on the fact that there will be demonstrable benefit for staff by having access to spaces simply to rest and relax. Mount Sinai Hospital, for one, partnered with design firm Studio Elsewhere to create these Recharge Rooms that incorporate elements of nature with relaxing music and candles, according to WCAX3

The strategy is part of an initiative called Frontline Strong Relief, which is working on several ways to support frontline workers, including snacks and meals, and other support space. According to the program, the “immersive biophilic recharge rooms offer a regenerative escape for healthcare workers.” The voice-activated spaces can be customized based on what each user wants. So far, these rooms have been used more than 500 times in just a few weeks, according to Fast Company

At least one frontline worker is a huge fan. This YouTube video, created by Dr. Danya McCarthy, a doctor at Mount Sinai, takes viewers on a quick tour of some of the recovery space and one of the Recharge Rooms. She seems skeptical at first, but says she’s really tired, and thinks it’s worth a shot. She spent 30 minutes in one, fell asleep for a bit, and says afterwards, “I’m actually feeling really good right now. I’m ready to go back to the floor.” Another facilities success story! 

This post was submitted by Greg Zimmerman, executive editor, Building Operating Management and 



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