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Hospital Airflow Crucial for Infection Prevention

  July 15, 2020

By Cathy Jakicic

One of the design shifts that COVID-19 has accelerated is the focus on how to manage a building to protect the occupant health, according to Infection Control Today.

Research has shown certain indoor air management strategies are either protective or putting people at risk. There are some new ways of actually understanding the relationship between indoor air management and human health in hospitals. 

COVID-19 has really focused our attention on how a building can either protect us or not from disease. It’s always been important, but people are now aware of the importance of managing the building to prevent health problems.

In general, airflow has been managed by the engineers, by the architects, by the facility managers and not so much by the clinicians. But there is a lot that can be done  in indoor air management to decrease transmission of infections. 

Cathryn Jakicic is healthcare industries editor of FacilitiesNet.com. For more information on hospital campuses and other medical facilities, click here.



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