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Well-Grounded Equipment Rental

equipment rental

Hi. This is Chris Matt, Associate Editor of Maintenance Solutions magazine. Today’s tip … grounds care equipment rental.

Grounds managers and their crews often tackle projects outside of their routine landscape-maintenance tasks. The most important goal to consider in renting equipment is that the process produces the right equipment for the job. Even in cases where managers are frequent customers with seemingly routine projects, they always should tell the rental staff about the project. After determining the proper equipment, grounds managers also should ask about terms of the rental.

The next issue involves payment options. Some rental companies do not participate in cash rentals and are not equipped to accept cash or credit-card payments. If this is the case, the manager likely will need to fill out a credit application that includes basic company information, three trade references, banking information, and a signature of authorization.

Managers also should consider maintenance of the product. What if the rental equipment breaks down while in use? Does the rental company send out a mechanic, or do in-house crews have to take it back to the store?

Finally, managers must ask about operator training-and-safety instructions. Rental agents should ask if the operators have used the particular equipment before. If not, agents should spend the necessary time reviewing operating procedures and safety requirements with the operator.


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