Turf Management: Preparing for the Cold

  December 30, 2008

Successful planning begins with a winter-preparedness plan, which includes securing competitive pricing for deicers and salt, preparing rental agreements for equipment to supplement the use of in-house tools, and finalizing contracts with outside equipment and service providers. Next, a department’s focus turns to its equipment. Operators and mechanics first should inspect and, if needed, repair dump trucks used for plowing and salting, along with tractors, pickup trucks, sanders, snowplows, snow blowers, and salt spreaders. Once crews address equipment preparation, it is equally important to prepare turf and landscaped areas for cooler weather. Keeping plants healthy as they enter their dormant period is important for ensuring they will survive and look their best when warmer weather returns. Workers should thoroughly water trees and shrubs planted in the past three years. This tactic decreases the chances for winter injury.


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