Utility Vehicles: Attachments That Perform

Managers need to be certain the attachments they purchase best meet their needs. To do this they can schedule a demonstration before they purchase.

By Mike Fitzpatrick  
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Closing the deal

To be certain an attachment actually performs as intended, managers and crews should schedule a demonstration before the purchase. By field-testing the attachment, they also can see if it fits their current piece of equipment. This step is important when not purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

When ordering an attachment online, managers need to be certain all parts are included. It is not uncommon to order attachments — brooms, spreaders, sprayers, blowers, aerators, etc. — in bulk before the season begins and store them before use later.

The potential problem with this strategy is that this strategy can increase the chances an attachment does not meet expectations, does not fit with the equipment, or is missing parts. To mitigate this risk, managers must make sure they receive everything they ordered.

Mike Fitzpatrick is vice president of U.S. Lawns — www.uslawns.com — which has more than 260 franchises nationwide. Fitzpatrick has more than 30 years of experience in the green industry.

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Utility Vehicles: Knowing Facility Needs

Utility Vehicles: Understanding Attachment Options

Utility Vehicles: Attachments That Perform

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