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Spreader Attachments Include Hose and Spray Guns, Skirted Sprayers

Managers researching application equipment will need to specify manual, electric or gas-powered pumps for the units. When workers must cover sizable areas, large-capacity tanks are most efficient. They can mount these tanks onto a vehicle or onto carts pulled behind the vehicle.

Managers also can purchase a boom attachment for turf applications, or hose and spray guns for applications involving turf, trees, or shrubs. Some spray units accommodate both. Workers also can mount skirted sprayers onto a utility vehicle or can push the unit. These sprayers can greatly reduce risk of drift.

One critical element in properly specifying and using sprayers is ensuring proper pressure and nozzle selection. Some products require application as a fine mist, while others are better applied as large droplets.

Finally, backpack sprayers are staples in many grounds care departments. But managers and workers should be especially careful when specifying and using these units. Most pesticide poisonings result from poor-quality backpack sprayers or their misuse.

One successful strategy for these units is to use a dedicated sprayer for each type of pesticide. This approach eliminates the chances of misapplying products.

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Spreader Attachments Include Hose and Spray Guns, Skirted Sprayers

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