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Snow and Ice: Does the Contractor Have Insurance?

The many challenges of properly managing snow and ice can lead grounds managers in institutional and commercial buildings to call in outside help. But before making a final decision on which contractor to hire, managers need to understand as much as possible about several key issues, including insurance, contracts, and pricing.

Taking an active role and understanding the different aspects of snow and ice removal will help protect managers, their facilities, and building occupants and visitors.

Insurance Insights

Historically, insurance has been a difficult issue for contractors who provide snow and ice removal services, due to increasing rates and the ability to find good coverage. But insurance coverage is a must for companies, and companies that have adequate insurance coverage will greatly lower risk and the cost to their customers if anything should happen on a customer's property.

Managers too often mistakenly assume contractors insured for services such as landscaping and paving also have coverage for snow removal. In truth, policies for such services generally do not cover snow and ice management. A reputable, professional contractor will have specific insurance for their snow-removal operations and will be happy to provide proof of coverage.

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Snow and Ice: Does the Contractor Have Insurance?

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