Where Are The LEED-EBOM Points Available?

  September 20, 2010

Today's tip is about the points breakdown in the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance rating system.

Without looking, do you know which category offers the second-most points after Energy and Atmosphere, which offers 35? You may be surprised to learn it's actually Sustainable Sites, with 26. That may seem odd to some facility managers, that there are so many points for site available for an existing building rating system. But a big chunk of the Sustainable Sites available points is to develop plans for alternative transportation for building occupants. Points are also available for cool roofing, stormwater control strategies and pest control.

The Indoor Environmental Quality section lands in third for points, with 15 available points. It also has three prerequisite, tied with Energy and Atmosphere for the most of any section. Water Efficiency is fourth with 14 available points, and Materials & Resources has 10 available points.

The last two categories include the Innovation in Operations section - where 6 points are available for exemplary performance in any of the other LEED credits or for creative sustainable strategies. Finally, four points are available for regional priority credits. This section was an addition to last year’s LEED 2009 revamp.

In total, 100 points are available, and facility managers need 40 for the Certified level, 50 for Silver, 60 for Gold and 80 for Platinum.


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