Trump Administration Reportedly Plans to Repeal the Clean Power Plan

  November 1, 2017

By Ryan Berlin

The Trump administration reportedly plans to repeal the Clean Power Plan, a “game changer” of a piece of Obama era climate change legislation.

Reuters said it had seen a document “distributed to members of the agency’s Regulatory Steering Committee” about “issuing a proposal to repeal the rule” and opening up a comment period for replacement legislation.

According to the Washington DC-based organisation, power plants account for almost 40 per cent of the country’s emissions - “more than every car, truck, and plane in the US combined.”

If left in place, the CPP would reduce power plants’ carbon emissions by 2030 to a level 32 per cent lower than they were in 2005.

This is the first step in the administration’s repeal of much of the federal government’s environmental regulations, a strategy made clear in a 28 March executive order signed by the President.


This Quick Read was submitted by Ryan Berlin, managing editor of Facility Maintenance Decisions, ryan.berlin@tradepressmedia.com. Find out more about clean energy initiatives and renewable energy technology.


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