Green Roofs Grow Globally

  February 23, 2016

By Greg Zimmerman

Did you know that a total of 444 green roofs exist in the City of Toronto? From February 1, 2010 to​ March 1, 2015, 260 green roofs ​were created in Toronto, ​adding 196,000 square meters of green roof area. ​

​And​, a new law recently passed in France reportedly mandates that all new buildings built in commercial zones in France must be partially covered in either plants or solar panels. French environmental activists originally wanted to pass a law that would make the green roofs cover the entire surface of all new roofs, but some say the law that was passed is actually better. ​

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This Quick Read was submitted by Greg Zimmerman, Executive Editor of Building Operating Management magazine, greg.zimmerman@tradepress.com.


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