Recycling Your Way To LEED-EB

By Maureen Roskoski  
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According to EPA, Americans typically generate 251 million tons of trash a year — 4.6 pounds per person per day. Reviewing waste practices will have both environmental and financial benefits.

One organization started with a 40 percent recycling rate. The facilities department purchased more recycling bins, improved education and replaced all disposable foam cups with washable cups. This organization is now recycling 82 percent of its waste and anticipates $52,000 in annual savings, mainly from not purchasing disposable cups and reducing waste disposal costs.

LEED-EB requires recycling a minimum of 50 percent of the total waste stream to obtain points for recycling.

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LEED-EB Requires Energy Efficiency Measures

LEED-EB And Water Efficiency

Creating Sustainable Purchasing Policies

Recycling Your Way To LEED-EB


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