Internet Connectivity, Security Are Critical Elements of 600 Brickell's Building Intelligence

By Loren Snyder  
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In a world that is increasingly reliant on Internet communications, IXP proximity can be significant: Tenants at 600 Brickell can choose from more than 160 providers, rather than the one or two that might be found in other office buildings. This particular IXP — they're also referred to as Network Access Points — is also the main hub for the undersea cables that stretch Internet access to Central and South America, an important point for financiers in Miami.

Information security is also a critical business consideration. The building has earned ISO 27001 certification for information security. The standard covers information security issues that include risk assessment; physical, environmental, and human resources security; incident management; and business continuity.

"Through the design and security systems, we are able to protect information flowing throughout the building's intermediate distribution frames on every floor, the data center and its infrastructure," says Justin Neale, director of operations at 600 Brickell.

Information security is vital to certain organizations — legal and financial firms among them — and Munoz credits the security measures with helping 600 Brickell secure tenants lately, even when vacancy rates in the neighborhood have topped out above 20 percent in recent years.

"We have been able to achieve premium lease rates in our market area as a result of our features, design, location and amenities," Munoz says. "Most of our tenants appreciate the growing need for ICT speed, reliability and security."

In Advanced Building, Basics Still Count

The first tenant in 600 Brickell, the French banking firm Credit Agricole, moved into the building in November 2011. The company was drawn by a variety of factors. In some cases, basic considerations — like image and floor plan — outweighed high-profile elements of the building.

Credit Agricole couldn't take advantage of the fact that 600 Brickell is hardwired into an IXP, which could have given the financial firm its choice of more than 160 carriers. Instead, it is bound by corporate policy to use a peer-to-peer network with the parent bank in New York City.

But several of the construction decisions made by the Foram Group allowed Credit Agricole to set up their floor plan to their specification. "Since 600 Brickell has a compact core and centralized data center, additional square footage is not needed for a computer data center within the tenant space and [the] floor plans are designed to minimize wasted space, reducing or eliminating columns or other structural obstacles from the rentable square footage," says Ilene Munoz, general manager of the building.

Credit Agricole cited the practical floor plan, as well as the building's premium feel, as main attractions. "The building has a dramatic lobby," says David Marongiu, chief operating office of Credit Agricole's Miami branch. "We have great views from one of the top floors in the building; it's a nice space for our clients."

The sustainable features also drew in the French bank. "The air quality seems better than in our last building," Marongiu says. He also cites comfort as a benefit. "There were large temperature swings in our former building."

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