Grounds Department Staff Supports Sustainability Efforts

By Dan Hounsell, Editor  
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The department's staff — a supervisor, a landscape specialist, an irrigation specialist, and four full-time landscape technicians — have played a central role in developing the department's policies and procedures, as well as incorporating them into daily duties.

"The landscape and trades staff is out in the trenches daily and largely responsible for the beautiful campus we are privileged to work at, he says. "I am fortunate to have such a dedicated group on campus. They take the initiative to stay on top of the workload. Much of what we have accomplished stems from their suggestions."

The staff also is involved in specifying products that support the policies and operations.

"They have certain products that they prefer," he says. "I have a woman on staff who is a certified tree pruner, and she certainly has recommendations as to what type of equipment she prefers, including pruning shears and chain saws. With a lot of that, though, we're guided by the Procurement Services Department because we have contract services with many companies."

Devaney says sustainability efforts by the department and the organization have succeeded in large part because of a general consensus on goals and priorities.

"It has been a learning curve at all levels of the organization," he says. "You start with baby steps — say, a recycling program — and move forward throughout the institution. The college has had such great support — from the board of trustees, the college administration, and all the way down to the trenches — that it is pretty much common practice for all at Broward College to think sustainably in all that we do."

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Grounds Department Staff Supports Sustainability Efforts

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