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Building Operating Management
Water Efficiency PAGE More Water Shortages Mean FMs Must Focus on Water Efficiency Cities Face Water Shortages, But FMs Have Savings Options How Leaks Quickly Squander Water Efficiency Efforts Facility Managers Must Take Responsibility for Water Quality INFOGRAPHIC: How Facilities Use Water

INFOGRAPHIC: How Facilities Use Water

A month's worth of water use at an average facility can fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

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Not surprisingly, restrooms and cooling use lead the way, combining for about 65 percent of a facility's average water use. So it's easy to see how concentrating on cooling tower makeup and low-flow fixtures can make a sizable dent in a facility's water use. 


Source: Sources: EPA WaterSense, 2012 CBECS, Infographic by Building Operating Management/

posted on 4/3/2017