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California State University-Fullerton — Project II

CATEGORY: Sustainability



On April 1, 2015, California Gov. Brown announced Executive Order B-29-15, which required mandatory water use reductions across the state in response to drought conditions. In California State University Fullerton’s (CSUF) service area, where water is provided by the City of Fullerton, the required reduction came to 28%, to begin immediately in June 2015. Given a baseline of 142 million gallons in annual usage across the 240 acre campus, our reduction requirement was a minimum of 39,804,772 gallons.

After evaluation of existing water using features on campus and cost to replace or retrofit to reduce consumption, two primary objectives were identified: (1) Submeter water sources to more accurately measure and manage water use into the future; and (2) eliminate irrigation to more than 11 acres of turf on campus following commencement in May to immediately reduce campus water usage and ultimately replace the turf with native and adaptive vegetation to permanently reduce landscape water needs using available utility turf removal incentives.

Over the course of the following year, irrigation was discontinued to the selected areas. The areas were removed and replaced with various materials acceptable to the Municipal Water District, including a hydro seed blend of more than 20 native annuals and perennials and over 20 smart water meters were installed to sub meter irrigation water usage. Campus has exceeded the 28% reduction goal and has been commended by the City of Fullerton Director of Public Works as one of the primary contributors to the city's overall success in meeting its water reduction goals.


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