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Oral Roberts University/CityPlex Towers, Tulsa, Okla.

Oral Roberts

By the late 2000’s CityPlex Towers had become very expensive to operate due to age, deferred maintenance, and inherent design including the lack of a building automation system. Starting in 2009 to through today, CityPlex Towers has completed several major capital improvement projects totaling over $20 million, with the majority of the contracts being awarded to small businesses in Oklahoma. The list as follows:

  • A complete new TPO roofing replacement of all three towers and the base building roof was one of the first projects started 2009. Note: In 2016, a storm with high winds damaged a large portion of the base roof which was enough to require a full base roof replacement and is currently being done.
  • A curtain wall joint seal of all three towers to stop window and joint leaks was completed in early 2016. The entire project took three years with as many as five, three men stages working at the same time. Crews worked throughout the year and in most weather conditions to complete this project.
  • The Atrium Roof replacement took two years to complete. The roof slopes in two directions with the highest point at 12 stories and angles as much as 45 degrees.
  • Three new 500 kW back-up emergency generators were added to replace the original backup system.
  • A new fire alarm system for all 110 floors was completed to ensure life safety and to improve the overall detection system.
  • A de-humidification system was added to improve humidity control to the 20 surgery suites. This included three new fresh air fans, a very large surface 10 roll chilled water coil (supercoil) to ensure air time across the coil would be long enough to remove moisture from the fresh air. A 50 ton chiller (ice chiller) designed for low water temperature just for the supercoil. 1,000 ton hours of ice tanks are being built so the ice chiller can be turned off during peak electric load times.
  • Cooling towers with heat exchangers for free cooling
  • 1 - 1500 ton chiller replacement
  • 1 - 700 and 60 hp steam boilers, replacing one of the two 25,00 hp boilers
  • Along with the major capital improvement projects come the energy efficient projects that has helped reduced the overall energy usage by more than 50 percent since 2010.
  • 230-plus AHU’s has had most of the pneumatic controls replaced with direct digital controls which also allows start/stop scheduling for the first time in the facilities history.
  • 250-plus speed control drives was added to water pumps and air handling units
  • 26 electric and eight water sub-meters have been added to help understand and control how electric and water is used in the facility.
  • Right sizing pumps when conditions allow. Domestic water jockey pumps in two locations now serve 98 percent of the daily pumping load at a total of 20 hp and removing 100 hp from the 24/7 schedule. Boiler feed water pump was de-rated from 40 hp to 15 hp with the replacement of one of the 2,500 hp boilers.
  • Air conditioning condensate recovery system added in 2016 collected and transferred 500,000 gallons of cooling clean water into the cooling tower makeup system. 2017 is projected to collect 1 million gallons as more areas have been added.
  • Lighting upgrades as tenant areas are built out. By the middle of 2017, over 2000 2X4 and 2X2 troffer T-8 lighting will have been replaced with LED lighting.

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