Subfloor Preparation for Carpet Installation

carpet, subfloor, installation   July 29, 2009

Installation is key to the longevity of carpet, and a good substrate is key to a successful installation. No matter what your subfloor is made out of, it must be structurally sound, flat and even. There should be no chips or cracks and it should be cleaned of any old adhesives or flooring remnants. If bumps or holes are left in the subfloor, it will translate to uneven wear and tear on the carpet.

Each type of subfloor has its own requirements. Concrete needs to be cured, clean and dry. Wood subfloors should be flooring grade, and metal floors should be free of rust. In either case, both should be secured so the carpet doesn’t slip.

Preparing the subfloor properly lays the groundwork for a good installation, extending the useful life of your carpet.


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