Siting for LEED-CI

LEED, interiors, green, leasing, LEED-CI, LEED-CS   May 23, 2008

If the organization you work for is looking to lease green space, be sure to choose space in a building that will help further those green goals.

The ideal building, whether the goal is to get LEED for Commercial Interiors certified or not, is a LEED for Core and Shell certified building. In a LEED-CS building, the mechanical systems are already set up in a way that encourages better energy and water conservation. That foundation makes the groundwork for getting LEED-CI certified a lot easier.

Finding a LEED-CS building isn’t easy, but building owners are opening their eyes to the potential that exists in the growing green market. Even if a building isn’t LEED certified, some owners are implementing green strategies to attract that subset of tenants. Look for buildings that have efficient mechanical systems, are sited near public transportation, use green products or procedures in construction and renovation, and owners who willing to work with your organization to accommodate green goals.


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