Simplicity in Materials

green, sustainable, products, specifying   April 7, 2009

When choosing green interior materials and products, sometimes the most environmentally friendly material may not be touted as such.

As a general rule, materials that are as close to their natural state as possible are going to be greener than materials that have had a long production and manufacturing process.

For example, a natural floor tile such as slate or granite may have a smaller carbon footprint than linoleum. While linoleum is made from natural materials and is considered a sustainable product, there was still a manufacturing process in order to turn the raw materials into the final product. Natural stone on the other hand, requires little to no processing to result in the end product.

While in this example, both products are sustainable, linoleum is usually less expensive and easier to maintain. As with all product purchasing decisions, sustainable aspects as well as practical considerations should be weighed to choose the most appropriate product for a facility.


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