Getting Buy-in to Make Green Products Worthwhile

products, specifiying, sustainable, green, interiors   April 6, 2009

No matter how green a product is, unless there’s buy-in from the facility occupants and the facilities team, the product will need to be replaced before its expected life, negating the sustainable aspects.

Facility executives can get carried away in choosing the greenest products for a space. They may get excited over the green aspects of a certain product and weigh them too heavily against the practical aspects, resulting in a product that doesn’t suit the needs of the people actually using it. Similarly, a highly sustainable product may be chosen that is difficult to maintain, or the proper training wasn’t given to facilities staff, resulting in needless frustration.

To avoid a situation where a green product needs to be replaced for similar reasons, be sure to involve the facility occupants and facilities staff in the purchasing process, especially if a green product is unusual in any way. Work with a representative for the occupants in order to understand their requirements, and ‘OK’ any unusual maintenance issues with your facilities staff before purchasing.


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