Environmental Life Cycles of Green Products

green, products, interiors, environment, life cycle   May 5, 2008

When you’re choosing green interior products, be sure to look beyond the standard recycled content and VOC levels to see the whole picture.

Recycled content products and VOCs are important factors to consider, but there’s more to green products than is often touted by the manufacturer. Looking at the whole life span of the product and its impact on the earth’s environment, the space it’s going in and the people around it is called the environmental life cycle.

Included in the environmental life cycle assessment of a product are the materials it’s made from, how it’s handled at every step of the production process, impact of shipping and delivery, and it’s eventual recycling, disposal or transformation at the end of it’s useful life. Depending on the product, other factors may be included as well.

Considering all these factors in an environmental life cycle assessment will ensure that your facility looks beyond the hype and chooses the greenest product available.


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