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Flooring Projects: When the Dam Breaks

By Lewis Migliore

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that brought the country to a screeching halt didn’t necessarily do the same to the commercial flooring market. Nearly 80 percent of the flooring work in progress continued with the exception of some of the major metropolitan marketing areas. We talk to commercial flooring contractors every day and the vast majority of them have stayed very busy or have work backing up.

School work certainly has been a boon as well as office space, and even some restaurants have taken advantage of the down time to remodel, refurbish, and replace flooring and well as freshen up the interior space. As restrictions are eased around the country, especially in the larger cities, and the faucets opened on business there is, in my opinion, going to be a rush to ramp up flooring projects and installations that went dormant. 

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The Commercial Flooring Report is provided by Lewis Migliore, president of LGM and Associates, which offers technical flooring services, including help or guidance with a new flooring project or a failure on an existing floor. Contact him at lgmtcs@optilink.us. 


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posted on 7/31/2020