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Commercial Flooring Report - Carpet Tile Performance

by Lewis Migliore

We were discussing this issue at the lab the other day after seeing a new series of problems with some of the most popular products in the flooring market. Carpet tile will inherently have a bit of doming so that when pressed in place it fits snugly.  This physical characteristic which is very slight, nearly imperceptible, has always been part of carpet tile. However this also now presents a new dilemma.  Too much dome and you get the "pillow or quilted" appearance. The adhesive used to install carpet tile, though not meant to hold the tile flat, does have enough tack to pull the tile down enough so very minimal doming would not be noticed and when the tile relaxes it will settle in. The dilemma occurs when using tabs to install lighter weight carpet tile, obviously without any adhesive so any dome in the carpet tiles can be visible. The weight of the tile also comes into play.  With carpet tiles getting lighter in weight overall, not being held in place with adhesive and only affixed in place by tabs in the corners there is nothing to prevent the carpet tiles from assuming a natural doming physical position. This is a new twist on what we have begun to see with carpet tiles.

Let's also take a look at hard surface flooring and particularly two products that are as hot as pistols in the market — luxury vinyl plank and wood.

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posted on 6/1/2016