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COVID-19's Impact on Flooring and Furnishings: Now What Do We Do?

By Lewis Migliore

I’m no medical expert and this is not a medical article, but it is one on how flooring and interior spaces may be affected.

We have had several requests from carpet manufacturers and clients, who have had requests from their customers, about the effects of disinfectants used to kill the coronavirus on soft and hard furnishings. The lab we work with has also had “tons” of calls on this subject. These treatments are not new, nor is the chemistry, but it will be used in greater quantities and in greater frequency. With the increased use and frequency, some furnishings being exposed to these products will undoubtedly be affected.

The chemicals being used to disinfect are many and varied, and they can have an effect on both hard and soft surfaces. You should know how the chemicals, and frequency of their application, can affect the spaces they’re being used in. One thing is for certain, whether the space is corporate offices, health care facilities, public spaces, hospitality, or any other commercial space, the services of a professional to do this work must be employed. In-house staff or building maintenance can take care of the simpler things such as wiping down doorknobs, faucet handles or surfaces that are touched by occupants regularly and repeatedly, but they shouldn’t be performing the overall disinfecting that treats the entire space — that should be left to the professionals.

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posted on 6/10/2020