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Back To Basics With Vinyl Flooring Installation – Also, Polyester And Polyethylene Membranes

By Lewis Migliore

In this issue of the Commercial Flooring Report we’re going to cover two subjects — vinyl flooring installation and polyester and polyethylene membranes — so don’t be confused.

It’s amazing how flooring material and installation failures are so grossly misunderstood and the dynamics of the conditions which create the failures defy logic, common sense, and basic understanding. Take vinyl flooring, for example, and in particular luxury vinyl tile, a subject we’ve covered here ad nauseum. Vinyl flooring materials are reactive to hot, cold, wet, and dry conditions. Still, there are those who would have you believe that vinyl, just because it is a plastic, is not affected by moisture, though in fact it is. Water can and will affect vinyl flooring both dimensionally and in flatness.

By contrast, polyethylene and polyester absorb almost no water.

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The Commercial Flooring Report is provided by Lewis Migliore, president of LGM and Associates, which offers technical flooring services, including help or guidance with a new flooring project or a failure on an existing floor. Contact him at lgmtcs@optilink.us.

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posted on 11/15/2017