Maintaining a Fire/Emergency Response Plan

emergency response plan, fire safety   April 27, 2010

The first step in providing for a facility's fire and life safety is to create a plan. The plan should be able to address all manner of emergency, from an occupant suffering a heart attack to an electrical fire. Facility managers can look to local fire codes, building codes, local fire departments and organizations like the National Fire Protection Association for advice and examples of what a solid emergency plan should look like.

Once established, it's also important not to be lulled into thinking that the plan is a finished, static document. With the dynamics of a facility always changing, from occupant type and space use, to actual space configuration, it's important to constantly update the emergency response plan to reflect the change in hazard levels. Also, before making any significant space changes, be sure no key features such as fire exits will be compromised and that any changes still comply with code.


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