To Improve Facility Management, Use Other People's Ideas

  October 4, 2010

Today's topic is stealing ideas to improve facility management performance.

The fact that you’re listening to this podcast suggests that you've already bought into this idea. There’s nothing wrong with scouring websites, magazines and trade shows for tips that you can apply on the job. You can also look for industry recognition programs like FMXcellence. In fact, that’s the reason those forums exist.

The ideas you find may range from solutions to current challenges - like improving energy efficiency or implementing a recycling program - to approaches you may never have thought about, like marketing the facility management function.

But finding good ideas is only the first challenge. Next, you have to implement them at work. That may mean changing established routines or informing staff about a new way of doing things. In the short term, it may mean more work. So you come in all ready to apply the new approach, and then something unexpected comes up. You know the old saying about good intentions.

But you haven't really stolen an idea until you’ve used it. So find an idea and put it into action. Then find another one. Developing the habit of improvement will boost your department’s performance and show others in the organization that you're looking for new ways to add value.


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