Knowing Limitations and When to Ask Questions in Facilities Management

Danielle J. Floyd discusses how she continues to put her whole self into her career in facilities management   February 8, 2023

By Mackenna Moralez, Associate Editor

It is a goal for many people to reach a point in their career where they feel “comfortable.” Whether it be with their salary, position or daily tasks, they feel as though they can navigate the day-to-day with limited challenges. However, there is a point when you can get too comfortable within your position, potentially limiting yourself to new career advancements and opportunities.  

More often, women find themselves staying in these positions longer than they intend to and are left feeling stagnant. The idea of starting over can be scary and hard to overcome, so they choose to stay where they are at instead of pursuing new opportunities. For Danielle J. Floyd, director of public works for Delaware County, becoming uncomfortable was just the thing that she needed in her life. 

Floyd is one of three female panelists that will speak at the Women in FM event at NFMT Baltimore this march. The annual event brings a variety of perspectives to discuss how women continue to impact the facilities management industry. 

In this video, Floyd talks with associate editor Mackenna Moralez about how she continues to put her whole self into her career and how her love traveling has helped her develop professionally and personally. She also advises on how to know your own limitations and why asking questions is never a bad thing. 

Topics discussed: 

Putting your whole self into your career: 00:37 

Remain inquisitive: 2:35 

Finding your purpose: 3:36 

Challenging yourself: 5:15 

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