How Quality Assurance Inspections Improve Staff Performance

Room inspections at Mariott International — Gaylord Rockies Resort provide staff feedback and boosts guest satisfaction.   January 4, 2023

By Dan Weltin, Editor-in-Chief

Quality assurance inspection programs can ensure that facility tasks are performed properly and in a timely matter. Learn how to start an inspection program at your facility and hear how service will improve.  

Visitors' first impressions matter in any building, but they are especially critical in hospitality facilities.  

In this video, Dan Weltin, editor-in-chief, facility market, sits down with Ethan Fitterman, chief engineer of aesthetics for Mariott International - Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Colorado about his quality assurance inspection program. Fitterman is also a 2022 Facility Champion Award winner.  

At the Mariott International – Gaylord Rockies Resort, the rooms preventative maintenance team inspects 18 rooms a day. The inspections help ensure hotel rooms meet quality standards. Fitterman uses photos and a checklist to provide staff with feedback on their performance. 

Quality assurance inspections shouldn’t be limited to hotels and other hospitality facilities. Managers in all facility types can use them to improve service.  

Here’s what you’ll learn from this video: 

  • An overview of the quality assurance inspections at Mariott International - Gaylord Rockies Resort & Convention Center in Colorado. 0:22 
  • How service improved at the hotel after implementing the inspections. 2:10 
  • How to address poor performances from staff members. 3:27 
  • How to do similar inspections in other, non-hospitality facilities. 5:13 

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