Staffing Solution: Recognition Retains Top Talent

Recognition programs can go a long way in encouraging current staff to stay long-term, but some might be more effective than others

By Dan Weltin, Editor-in-Chief  

Chances are, if you are reading this, you are currently trying to fill a hole that exists on your team. Turns out, you aren’t alone.  

Last month, we conducted a staffing poll on FacilitiesNet and the majority of readers responded they currently have a staff vacancy on their team. Between the pandemic, the Great Resignation, the aging Baby Boomers and the overall cut-throat labor market, it’s getting extremely difficult to find potential candidates interested in facilities management. Stay ahead of the game by maintaining aggressive recruitment tactics, but it’s also essential to create programs that keep the employees you already have.  

Recognition programs can go a long way in encouraging current staff to stay long-term, but some might be more effective than others. For example, yearly raises and bonuses are great — and money is often cited as the reason employees leave — but it’s not a lasting solution. Within months or even weeks of a raise, workers often feel the extra money wasn't enough. Praise needs to be frequent in order to avoid a “what have you done for me lately” attitude.  

In between raises, top managers instill a series of small gestures. During a recent FM Huddle with fnPrime members, attendees shared their successful strategies. Ideas included a personal one-on-one meeting with staff to get to know their interests and family life outside of work. Rather than — or in addition to — a written thank you note to the employee, one facility manager sent it to the spouse. The gesture was so meaningful to the family, the employee was brought to tears in appreciation. Finally, don’t underestimate the impact of food: Host an impromptu pizza party or, if your organization has a cafeteria, hand out free lunch coupons for a job well done.  

Actions like these help build a culture. Employees see the organization as a family rather than a job.  

World FM Day is May 10, but celebrations are encouraged all month long. Use this time as a reason to recognize your staff. Another way to honor hard-working team members is by nominating them for the Facility Champion Award from FacilitiesNet. Any level of facility personnel is eligible. Last year we recognized eight deserving winners. Nominations open May 15. Nominate your candidate today!

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