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Recruiting and Retaining New Hires During the Great Resignation

Employees rather than companies have the upper hand, and candidates are being very picky when it comes to where they want to work.

By Dan Weltin, Editor-in-Chief  

I don’t have to tell you, as a manager, that today’s job market is brutal. Currently there are two jobs available for every unemployed worker. Employees rather than companies have the upper hand, and candidates are being very picky when it comes to where they want to work. Unfortunately, few job seekers are choosing facility management. It’s not a glamorous industry. It's full of hard work, little recognition, and unexpected interruptions.  

At our recent NFMT Remix conference in Las Vegas, I hosted a Think Tank discussion with 25 facility managers about recruitment and retention challenges. Everyone in that room was struggling to not only find, but keep, new hires. 

One particular challenge brought up was compensation. According to the “Maintenance Technician Staffing Report,” the national average starting wage for a frontline technician is $20.40. However, not every facility can offer that. In fact, in the South Central region, the starting wage is only $15.77. In this competitive labor market, fast-food chains, retail stores and many other companies are offering wages that lure away potential and recent hires. Facility executives say they can't compete. Or can they? 

One attendee pointed out a flaw in these workers’ plans: Flipping burgers and folding clothes may pay nicely now, but where's the career path? Facility management not only can be a great job today, but can be a long-term, rewarding career for the future.  

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If facility executives have new hires that demonstrate great potential, then invest in their career. Talk with them about an advancement path, provide continuing education and training, and possibly even invest in having them earn an industry certification or license.  

Pay is always going to be a problem. It's the No. 1 reason employees leave and offering raises will only be a short-term solution — someone will always offer more money. However, investing in employees’ careers can be an opportunity to not only help with retention, but increase their engagement with the organization. You are not only keeping positions filled, but grooming future leaders.  

Industry associations are one option to find these training resources. Our own fnPrime community is another. Sign up to access Lunch and Learn training videos, eBooks (like the “Maintenance Technician Staffing Report”) and more than 75 hours of education that can be used towards earning continuing education units (CEUs). For those interested in earning an industry certification, the membership also provides a discount towards the cost of a ProFM certification. Learn more at facilitiesnet.com/fnPrime.  

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