Good Habits

By Edward Sullivan, Editor  

The lesson of this month’s cover story is plain enough, even for readers who weren’t Boy Scouts: Be prepared. As Larry Morgan’s story shows, it is well worth the time to network, quantify accomplishments, maintain a contact list, attend educational sessions and update the resume.

How can facility executives keep up with a to-do list that continues to grow? Here are five steps to consider:

  1. Set priorities. With all the responsibilities on the facility executive’s plate, it’s easy to lose sight of things that matter most.
  2. Find things that can be delegated — or that don’t have to be done at all. One place to look for the latter is reports.
  3. Look for ways to do things faster. For example, don’t hold a meeting without having an agenda or a firm time limit — advice Larry Morgan makes on the speaking circuit.
  4. Take small steps. An extensive contact list is not a one-day project. The task may take years. But it starts with one name.
  5. Build toward success. Some actions that are important — personally or professionally — may take a long time to pay off. Good metrics can improve the department’s performance while providing the facility executive with evidence of achievements. But the process of developing metrics can be derailed by anything from budget cuts to an unexpected project.

Are five steps too many to contemplate at the moment? Pick one and make it a habit. Then pick another. Eventually, developing good habits becomes habitual.

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  posted on 5/1/2006   Article Use Policy

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