Go ahead, blow your own horn

By Dan Hounsell  

If there Is a phrase that is more painfully applicable to the state of facilities maintenance and engineering these days than “doing more with less”, it’s this one: Out of sight, out of mind.

I’ve done countless interviews with maintenance and engineering managers over the last 10 years. Among their biggest frustrations is the unfortunate fact that, like sports referees and umpires, if they do their job well, they can go almost completely unnoticed by those around them.

Properly maintained facilities operate smoothly and cost effectively in support of an organization’s mission. But at a time when organizations are seeking places to cut costs, managers need a forum that enables them to spotlight their achievements and contributions to an organization’s success. Facility executives need regular reminders that without proper maintenance, their facilities would quickly fall into disrepair.

That’s where Maintenance Solutions can help.

Sing Your Own Praises

Each month, we publish articles about maintenance management issues and the role managers play in building a cost-effective and efficient maintenance department.

We are interested in reader feedback about the magazine, but we are just as interested in hearing about your actions and strategies in managing maintenance and engineering departments. Here are three ways to get the word out about the job you’re doing:

  1. Write a letter. If you see an article that you’d like to challenge or expand upon, write or e-mail us. We’ll publish letters that comment on and foster dialogue about maintenance management issues.
  2. Suggest a story idea. Maybe you’ve spotted an emerging trend in facilities maintenance or want us to spotlight a successful program in your department. We’ll review all suggestions and make sure word gets out about the most worthwhile efforts.
  3. Write an article. Whether it is insights on the state of maintenance today or a information on a management strategy you have implemented that has paid dividends, we can provide a forum for your experiences and expertise.

Maybe the best first step in changing the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality regarding maintenance is turning the spotlight on yourself and your department.

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  posted on 6/1/2003   Article Use Policy

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