FM Career Opportunities, Concerns: Survey Results

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What type of advancement opportunities do you have? %
Rapid opportunity for advancement 1
Steady opportunity 12
Somewhat slow opportunity for advancement 30
Very slow opportunity for advancement 57
What is your biggest general concern about your job? %
Boredom: not enough challenges/variety 3
Fear the job may be outsourced 5
Increasing workload 19
Lack of advancement potential 10
Lack of respect 13
Low compensation 8
None 12
Not enough resources to do the job 29
Volatility & turnover (for contract employees) 1
Expectations for your own job %
I could be/expect a promotion/new job 10
I expect to stay in the same job 83
I'm afraid of being downsized 7
Have you been downsized out of an FM job in the past three years? %
Yes 8
No 92
This year, I expect my company’s use of outsourcing to: %
Decrease 9
Increase 23
Stay about the same 68
In the past year, my company’s use of outsourcing: %
Decreased 8
Increased 21
Stayed about the same 71

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