Eight Common Mistakes New FM Consultants Make

By Greg Zimmerman, Executive Editor  
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Experts say that these practical tips may seem like common sense but are often forgotten.

  1. Separate your consulting business accounts from your personal financial account. Immediately set up an LLC or other type of business entity and use accounting software to track invoices and remittances.
  2. Bill on a continuous basis so that you don’t get too far behind on receiving payment, and then lose out on money due.
  3. Build a Web site, create at least one leave-behind brochure, and print business cards before you’ve even told potential customers about your business.
  4. Join and stay involved with the local chapters of professional associations. Remember, your erstwhile colleagues are your new potential customers.
  5. Do some pretty serious market analysis, both locally and nationally (if you plan to work in other states). This includes asking the following questions: Who is my competition? Who are potential clients? What is my position statement? What is it that I am really prepared to do?
  6. Don’t sell your product for less than it’s worth just to take work.
  7. Don’t get too frustrated if a client doesn’t implement your recommendations. This happens all the time. It’s their loss.
  8. Constantly expand your horizons and be willing to re-invent yourself based on which way the facilities winds are blowing. This means staying current on industry trends by attending trade shows and seminars, and reading industry publications.

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Eight Common Mistakes New FM Consultants Make

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