3 Ways to Reduce Customer Complaints

3 Ways to Reduce Customer Complaints

Target complaints with service level agreements and internal training and programs

Last part of an 8-part article about why occupants complain and how facility staff should respond

By Stormy Friday  
OTHER PARTS OF THIS ARTICLEPt. 1: Understand Causes of Occupant Complaints and Turn Them Into a PositivePt. 2: Lack of Attentiveness, Displaced Frustration Can Fuel Occupant ComplaintsPt. 3: Categorizing the Types of Complainers Organizations EncounterPt. 4: Some Keys to Providing Good Facility Customer ServicePt. 5: Make Complainer Part of the Solution and Provide FeedbackPt. 6: Complaints Offer Insight, but Shouldn’t Dictate Organization’s Strategic DirectionPt. 7: Apologies, Problem-Solving Can Help Assuage Occupant ComplaintsPt. 8: This Page

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  posted on 7/25/2015   Article Use Policy

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