2015 FMD Achievement Awards: Sustainability

Recipients: Arlington (Texas) Independent Schools; Texas Children's Hospital, Texas

By Dave Lubach, Associate Editor  

Arlington (Texas) Independent School District

The Achievement: Helped the district avoid $6.6 million in utility costs over five years with upgraded lighting and HVAC system commissioning.

The Benefits: Being a public school district, our goal is to improve the learning environment for our students. As stewards of public tax funds, we strive to reduce electricity consumption and cost so more funding reaches the classroom. The LoanSTAR project has provided us with the means to help meet some of our conservation goals, all while creating a better campus environment.

Our interior lighting upgrades have provided better quality lighting in classrooms for students and teachers, while exterior lighting upgrades have increased safety and security by providing better lighting in parking lots and at building entrances. Comprehensive HVAC optimization has improved overall thermal comfort for occupants. All of these considerable benefits are in addition to substantial cost savings.

— Danny Helm, Energy Manager

Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston

The Achievement: Lowered utility costs per square foot from $7.04 to $5.20 by maximizing the building automation system

The Benefits: Using a daily override report and a measurement and verification scorecard allowed us to save the organization more than $2 million dollars per year. The creation of the daily scorecard indicates how much chilled water, electricity and steam were used in our buildings the previous day and what should have been used. This comparison allows our technicians to quickly diagnose overutilization of utilities and to correct the issues, savings thousands of dollars every day for the organization.

The daily override report allows us to quickly diagnose whether a technician changed a utility system setpoint or placed a system in manual operation, reducing optimization of the system. When used in concert with the scorecard, utility systems were quickly diagnosed and restored to their operating parameters, enabling the organization to save thousands of dollars daily.

— Bert Gumeringer, Asst. Vice President, Facilities Operations

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