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Infrared Imaging: Tools for Predictive, Preventive Maintenance

Infrared cameras are becoming important tools for front-line technicians carrying out predictive and preventive maintenance on electrical systems. In these applications, technicians can install stationary infrared cameras that continually watch over equipment and monitor operating temperatures.

Alarms sound when the equipment reaches set temperature parameters, allowing technicians to adjust the equipment, as well as replace components such as bearings and motors to avert failure. This setup aids in preventing emergency shutdowns of equipment and allows technicians to schedule maintenance and service. Technicians also can integrate the camera into analysis software for monitoring from a remote location.

They also can perform predictive and preventive maintenance with hand-held infrared cameras by implementing scheduled walk-through evaluations of equipment. They also can use infrared cameras to analyze electrical connections, boards and additional electrical components.

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Infrared Imaging: Tools for Predictive, Preventive Maintenance

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