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Cordless Units Emerge as Popular Trend for Concrete-Repair Tools

Part 3 of a 3-part article on concrete-repair power tools

Cordless, battery-powered tools also are becoming more popular options for concrete repairs. For one thing, using cordless tools can improve worker safety related to trips and falls.

“The trip hazard is a big piece of going to cordless for the owner and the convenience of the operator,” Brading says. “If there is a cordless alternative available, it’s hard to get an operator to go in another direction.”

Another appeal of cordless tools is that they enable users to work and move without worrying about extension cords.

“When you have portability, you’re getting rid of a cord, and in these operations where you’re working at eye level or waist level, you’re working all over the place,” Plowman says. “Being able to get rid of a cord is a safety dimension you don’t need to worry about, especially if you’re working up on a ladder or drilling a bunch of holes over your head.

“You see a lot of guys maneuvering a cord around in order to work up there. That cord can get kicked or grabbed. It’s something in the back of their minds. To be able to alleviate that kind of awkward feeling makes you much more productive in addition to just being cordless.”

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Cordless Units Emerge as Popular Trend for Concrete-Repair Tools

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