How To Justify Energy Retrofits

  May 14, 2013

Today's tip of the day is describes seven suggestions for inclusion when you're going to justify an energy retrofit.

First, employ a structured and repeatable analytical process. This means having a system in place to measure and analyze data — whether developed as part of a full-scale energy management system, or simply availing yourself of Excel spreadsheets and energy bills.

Secondly, know your audience. Make sure you're speaking in the language of finance when presenting to upper managers.

Third, show how the deep energy retrofit has value beyond simple cost savings. But be sure you can enumerate exactly how — for instance, if you're claiming an increase in productivity, be sure to have airtight numbers that illustrate this benefit.

Fourth, do a dynamic presentation. Don't just read strings of numbers from your PowerPoint slides. Give handouts that show the calculations, but don't read every single piece of data.

Fifth, be sure to highlight parts of your project that mesh well with the priorities of the organization.

Sixth, don't overpromise. Be sure your data are accurate. If something seems "too good to be true," there's no doubt your financial folks will be skeptical. Explain everything. But be engaging.

Seventh and lastly, present other options - like the cost of doing nothing. Show the risk to the organization if nothing or lesser options are implemented.


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