How LEED CI Can Save You Money

  January 27, 2010

Today's tip is about how to use LEED for Commercial Interiors to save energy in tenant space. Conventional wisdom is that tenants have very little control over their energy spend when they lease space. But LEED-CI offers a framework for tenants who wish to be energy efficient.

The area with the most potential impact for tenants is lighting. LEED-CI offers up to seven points for reducing lighting power density up to 35 percent below the standard set in ASHRAE 90.1 - 2007. This can be done by using efficient fixtures, like T5s, or, as LEED CI suggests, using daylight responsive controls in spaces within 15 feet of windows and under skylight.

For HVAC, LEED-CI offers up to 10 points for optimizing HVAC performance. Because building-level HVAC is one thing tenants don't have control over, LEED-CI rewards tenants for implementing zoning and controls for their own space. There are several options available for achieve these points, including simply "demonstrating that HVAC system component performance is 15 or 30 percent better than ASHRAE 90.1- 2007."

A third area for which LEED CI rewards tenants for energy efficiency measures is plug loads, like appliances. Four points are available for using 90 percent Energy Star-rated appliances, office equipment, electronics and commercial food service equipment. The credit excludes HVAC, lighting and building envelope products.

Finally, five points can be earned for enhanced commissioning.


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