Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead

Energy Efficiency, Energy Strategy   November 14, 2009

Hello. This is Greg Zimmerman, executive editor of Building Operating Management magazine.

Today’s topic is a comprehensive report produced by the Global Business Network in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star for Buildings program. The report is titled Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead.

The report lays out four future energy scenarios and explains how executives can prepare their businesses for an uncertain energy future. The report identifies what should comprise the fundamental elements of facility executives’ energy strategy. They include.

  1. Continually improve energy efficiency across the entire company, including clear processes and tracking systems to identify opportunities.
  2. Have a corporate energy director and energy team supported by sufficient human and financial resources.
  3. Implement a corporate energy policy accounted for to the top levels of the company.
  4. Measure and track energy performance for all energy use, benchmark energy use against similar facilities, and use aggressive numeric goals that stretch performance targets.
  5. Communicate to occupants the value and importance of energy efficiency and constant improvement.

To download the report and to watch some podcasts of Peter Schwartz, chairman of the Global Business Network, explaining the report, go to energystar.gov, click on Buildings and then clink on the link titled "Energy Strategy for the Future." Also, look for an article on the report in the February issue of Building Operating Management.


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