Building Performance Partnership Researches Building Energy Use

USGBC, Energy, LEED   August 24, 2010

Today's tip is about an expansion to the U.S. Green Building Council’s Building Performance Partnership Initiative. The initiative was originally aimed at project team registering new LEED projects. Project teams agreed to report via Energy Star's Portfolio Manager five years of energy data.

Now, the BPP initiative has been opened up to all buildings with LEED certification. That considerably widens the pool of available data that USGBC can pull together. Facility managers who have LEED-certified facilities and who sign up to participate in the BPP will receive the full compendium of USGBC's data each year - data that compares performance at the same level as certification, as well as data about modeled vs. actual energy performance.

The goals behind the BPP are simple: To force facility managers to keep close track of their energy in the hope that they’ll be more apt to analyze and root out energy wasting problems. Additionally, the BPP represents a built-in study for USGBC to gather massive amounts of data on the performance of LEED-certified buildings, and thereby answer the critics who say that LEED buildings don't perform as well energywise as traditional ones.

For more information on the BPP, go to and search Building Performance Partnership.


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